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My perfect breakfast

“Get up! Get up! We are getting late!! ” :mom  “Just 2 min more”:I replied. Then my mother opened the window , and splash water on my face.. “It’s already 6:00am we are getting late !all shops gets open early and there is less crowd. now go and get ready”

So hi, everyone Today I am going to chawk! After so long! Every city has some shop which are very famous and people visit the city for those shops! Like in Delhi it is “sarojaninagar market” or “chandni chawk”.Similarly in lucknow we have ” Chawk”or “purana lko”.

I heard lot about chawk’s makhan. But never tasted it. I was really excited and waiting for makhan to taste. After travelling of one and a half hour. We reached purana lko. It seems like I entered in the past. There were so many shops of bangles, makhan, stall of pan, tea, cosmetics shop, shops of utensils, and the smell of chola bhatura, jalebi, makhan!!

Are! You watering ? bcoz I am! There were so many shops of makhan. Different types of makhan like kesari makhan, normal makhan and etc.. We started with kesari makhan and jalebi! and we packed a half kilo of makhan. They packed in matki. Which was quite different.

People were walking and noise from public vehicle some people talking each other some are  Riding in the bicycle. some are running behind the bus! To catch it

And we move forward! There was a huge banner of “Desi chole bhature”. The smell ! No definition! Speechless! I tasted it and trust me! It will make your day! Bhature were crispy! And chole were very tasty with cut onion rings and some lemon with chilli.

We were full so we packed samose, khasta and some more snacks!! We also visited some of the monument like chota Imambada, bhul bhaliya etc..

This was like a perfect morning! ❤

Tell me in the comments your city famous places? And yeah if you ever came to lucknow make sure you visit chawk and taste makhan..

Thank you🙏


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